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Mabe-Serviplus has Xtensa warranty extension policies. With them, you will be able to protect your product for up to 5 years, ensuring original parts installed by specialized technicians in all your service calls.

I want to buy an extended warranty.

We invite you to learn more about Xtensa options, you will surely find one that covers your needs.

It is a manufacturer’s extended service policy that offers additional protection for 1 to 3 years more, with a renewal option, directly from the factory to our brands’ appliance line products.

The XTENSA Serviplus policy covers 100% of labor and original functional parts costs on repairs for product malfunctions during this period, and for as many times as necessary.

The XTENSA Serviplus policy is available for products of the best brands in the market.


-Unlimited coverage in operation, including labor and guaranteed original functional parts.
-Physical change*.
-Serviplus endorsement, the leading appliance manufacturer’s service company.
-Full protection of your investment for up to 5 years.
-Home delivery.
-Safety in knowing that you will always get original parts, and direct service from home appliance specialists.
-Even if there are similar services, no other has the attributes offered by the XTENSA warranty extension policy – directly from manufacturer.
-Voltage variation.
-No unforeseen expenses due to repairs or hidden charges.

-Telemarketing, call 55-53-29-13-21
-Specialized technicians to go to your residence.
-Distributers, according to location.


-5 years from manufacturing year, based on serial number, maximum.
-36 months of use, from date of purchase, maximum.
-Product has to be in proper working order.


-Credit card in a single payment, except American Express.
-Credit card, pay over 3 or 6 months interest-free – Banamex and BBVA Bancomer.
-Cash, single payment - bank deposit, wire transfer.
-Cash, installments – down payment of at least $350.00, and two additional monthly payments.

Services Policies

General Factory Product Warranty Policies

1. When our Serviplus technician helps check a product, the product must be presented with the warranty properly stamped by the store where it was purchased, invoice, receipt, or proof of purchase to make the warranty effective.

2. The warranty covers:

-Manufacturing defects that completely or partially impede proper functioning of the device occurring within the valid warranty period.
-All product parts and components including labor and replacement of any defective functional part or component.

3. The warranty is not valid in the following cases:

-The product has been used in abnormal conditions.
-It has not been operated in accordance with the usage instructions provided in Spanish.
-It has been repaired by unauthorized service personnel and/or shops.
-The warranty has not been properly stamped, or there is no invoice, receipt, or proof of purchase otherwise proving date of purchase of the product.
-It is outside the manufacturer's warranty period.
-It has been used for commercial purposes, the provision of services, or any purpose other than strict home use.
-Damages caused by voltage fluctuations due to short circuit, accidental surcharges on the power line, or surcharges due to electrical discharges.
-Damages to paint and cosmetic parts when the product is exposed to the elements.
-Damage due to use of inauthentic parts.
-Damages to the product caused during transport by or on behalf of consumer.
-Damages caused by accident, fire, floods, or acts of nature.
-Claims for bumps and scratches to the panel and accessories are not accepted after 30 days from the date of purchase.
-Parts broken due to mishandling.
-Damages caused by customer mishandling, by animals (rodents, insects, others), by dust or due to environmental conditions in which the product is used.
-Incorrect installation, delivery, or maintenance.
-Elimination or modification of the serial numbers or breaking of any seal on the device.

4. The following warranty limits apply to all our REFRIGERATORS

-Warranty does not apply to loss of foodstuffs due to breakdowns.
-Does not apply to replacement of WATER FILTER due to water pressure being out of specified operation limits or excessive sediment in water supply.
-For Ice Maker Ready models, the warranty is not valid for ice maker defects if installation is not performed by authorized personnel and/or service center.
-The WATER FILTER has a 30-day warranty from the original refrigerator purchase date.

5. Specific Warranty for STOVES

-Provides for ten years from the purchase date against any yellowing of products having STAINLESS STEEL FINISH outfitted with TEON technology. Damages due to scratches or marks caused by use of fibers and/or cleaners not recommended in the use instructions.
-The warranty includes a one-time provision for conversion service to natural gas spray nozzles.


-For combination units and dryers, the warranty includes a one-time provision for spray nozzle conversion service from LP to natural gas or from natural gas to LP.

7. Specific Warranties for OTHER PRODUCTS

*One-year warranty on horizontal freezers; warranty covers commercial use.
*One-year warranty on traditional brand microwaves, toasters, heaters. Consumer must bring product to nearest service center. Service provided at consumer domicile except Monogram, GE Profile, IO Mabe, GE Cafe brands.
*One-year warranty on the following products: grills, microwave ovens, embedded ovens, toaster ovens, heaters, water heaters, ranges, dishwashers, water coolers, coffeemakers, and other products sold under the Mabe brands (restrictions apply, see manual that comes with each product).

General Demonstration and/or connection Service Policies.

1. Our demonstration and connection service covers the following for all products:

-Voltage and polarity check upon electrical installation.
-Water or gas pressure check as applicable.
-Equipment leveling if needed.
-Equipment start-up.
-Operation check.
-Detailed explanation of functions for proper operations and features and care.
-Explanation of Mabe/Serviplus warranty in accordance with product manual.

2. For all products and customers, connection and demonstration service under warranty shall be per event only and may be requested within a maximum period of 12 months after purchase and/or delivery of the product, including spray nozzle adjustment. Also applies for real estate development channel. (Only for those models purchased from one of our distributors).

3. Once connection and demonstration service has been performed, if the consumer requests the service again due to change of address, there will be additional charges.

4. Connection and demonstration service requires that the end user have the required power, water, gas, and sewage installations according to the instructions or installation guide for proper operation.

5. Our service does not include adaptation of electrical installations, plumbing, carpentry, or masonry. Due to the care with which products must be handled, technicians do no perform any kind of product overhang.

6. Material required for connection not included in the product must be provided by the user. If user wishes to purchase it through Serviplus, there will be an additional cost to be paid upon receipt of service.

7. Accessories such as water filters, air filters, drainage pumps, pressure pumps are not included in the product or connection and demonstration service, and therefore have an additional cost according to the accessory in question.

8. Removal and placement of doors due to space conditions on some Refrigerators will have an extra cost.

9. If equipment connection could not be performed on the first visit due to reasons not attributable to the technician or the product, the amount defined for each brand will be charged, and, when customer requires, connection and demonstration visit will be performed AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE (charged once).

General Policies for basic home installation service of air conditioners

1. The term for requesting free installation service may not be greater than 90 calendar days from the date of purchase.

2. The customer must present proof of purchase: Purchase receipt, stamped warranty policy or invoice, for free installation at the time of the visit (only applies for models purchased from one of our distributors)

3. Additional costs incurred by a non-basic installation shall be paid by the customer directly to the installer at the time the service is complete.

4. The customer may or may not accept costs of extra labor and materials needed to perform installation at Mabe service centers. If they do not accept, the installation cannot be carried out.

5. Mabe is not liable for product failures due to improper installation by unauthorized centers.

6. All installation services shall be performed by an authorized "Serviplus" service center under the following terms:


-Unpacking of product.
-Installation of those components included in product kit only.
-All models include the following installation kit:

1) 1 drainage valve and washer. (Cold-hot only)
2) 2 m of drainage hose for inside unit
3) 4 m of polymer lined piping
4) 4 m of polymer lined piping
5) 2 m of wiring for electrical connection
6) 2 m of wiring for inter-unit communication
7) 1 remote control with base and AAA batteries
8) Screws and wall anchors for inside unit
9) Installation, remote control, use and care manuals
10) Silver ion filter and bio filter
11) 2 high-density filters
12) 1 drill pipe and escutcheon
13) 2 rolls of vinyl insulator tape
14) 1 container of neoprene paste
15) 1 support plate (found in the rear of the inside unit).
-Recommendation on location and placement of equipment (outside and inside unit)
-Placement and fastening of product (inside and outside unit)
-For residence, installation applies on ground floor, second or third floor using the separation distances indicated between ground and roof of the home as a reference.

1)Ground floor installation up to (5m)
2)2nd floor installation up to (10m)
3)3rd floor installation up to 15 (m)

-All basic installations cover a maximum single distance of 4 meters of separation between the inside and outside unit. This distance is determined by the piping and wiring needed to connect the two units.
-For apartments, installation applies on any floor provided the installer has a way of getting the product to the installation site and can fasten the inside and outside unit on the same floor.
-Drilling in a single wall for running piping and one for draining condensation.
-Example material table. Check with the installer at the time of the work for materials not included in this table; additional costs may be incurred

*Type of Materials Considered Standard: Brick/ Cement/ Partition wall/ Wood/ Drywall
*Type of Materials Considered Non-standard: Steel plate/ Marble/ Glass/ Wrought iron/ Concrete

-Visible installation of pipes and electric wiring for connection of inside and outside unit
-Placement of condensation drainage hose due to gravity-related drops, included in product.
-Attachment of remote control base to wall. If required by customer, remote control base should be affixed to a wall that can be drilled (see table of example standard materials).
-Equipment check and start-up.
-Check proper operation of both units, check gas pressure and make sure there are no gas leaks.
-Remote control tests and product demonstration for end user.
-Turn on equipment and explain its available functions to the customer.
-GE models include Wi-Fi connection to customer domicile. For successful connection, customer must meet the minimum requirements described in the manual.


-Removal of previous product.
-Domestic electrical installation services.
-Electric power supply must be at a distance no greater than 2 m from where the air conditioning will be installed. Must meet specifications listed in the installation manual included with the product.
-Does not include any building, masonry, or welding work.
-Extra material (pipes and wiring) required for connection, as well as load of refrigerant for extra piping when more than 4 meters are required for connecting the equipment.
-If installation requires a pump to propel the liquid or additional piping, it will be quoted separately.
-Metallic bases, iron structures, and other material for fastening the outside unit.
-The product does not include bases for attaching the outside unit.
-Materials for attaching non-visible piping and wiring (wiring gutters)
-Installations are not performed on overhangs or under risky conditions for the installer.
-Drilling is not performed on roofs or tiles.
-Drilling of non-standard construction materials as indicated in the "example material table"

General Physical Change Policies

-Physical change is understood as the process Mabe offers the consumer through after-sales service (Serviplus) when it cannot repair the product and offers instead to exchange it for a new one of the same model, its equivalent, or one immediately above it in terms of features, subject to the following terms.

1. When our Serviplus technician helps check a product, the product must be presented with the warranty properly stamped by the store where it was purchased, invoice, receipt, or proof of purchase to make the warranty effective. Without such proof of purchase the warranty is NOT valid.
2. Any product that does not work, is damaged, or is subject to physical change must be reported to Serviplus by means of any of the different means available. A service technician shall perform a mandatory review in order to determine the product status and whether or not it is eligible for product change.
3. In case of missing cosmetic components. Physical change shall not apply. The components shall be replaced via technician service based on the product's warranty
4. If the model originally purchased by the consumer should not be in stock, a substitute model shall be offered with the same or better features as the original.
5. If the product is not that indicated on the package, physical change shall apply upon validation by service technician.


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